The Garland Home
Quality Care in a Serene Atmosphere
About Us
Formally known as the Garland House, Ltd., the Garland Home offers the same reputible care and atmosphere as its predecessor.  Acquired by Naomi Jojola, an 8 year care giver at the Garland House, she has found her calling in caring for the elderly.
What started as a part time job, truly became a passion in providing quality care to the residents of The Garland Home.  Naomi has worked with, and cared for, an array of residents who have blessed the home with their presence.   Naomi and her staff ensure the quality of care one would provide for their own mother, father, or loved one.
A  firm believer that The Garland Home is truely a "second home," the services provided reflect the care and prosperiety anyone would have in their own home.  From family-style dining to personal relationships built with the residents and their families, The Garland Home is sure to be anyone's "home away from home."